A Cheat's Easiest FESTIVE Choc-Chip Cookies, Ever!

As Magnum P.I. used to say, "I know what you're thinking..."  

You're thinking, more of the same.  I'm thinking, hang on...I still have a pack of Betty Crocker's French Vanilla cake mix left after my last venture into baking choc-chip cookies.  I'm thinking I have 2 packets of M&M's in my cupboard.  I'm also thinking, "Wouldn't they look very festive and Christmas-y with the M&M's almost looking like brightly coloured baubles or flashing fairy lights on a Christmas tree?"

For me the result wasn't exactly as I saw it in my mind's eye.  The violently bright colours on the M&M's tend to run into the cookie dough a bit but I am sure your kids won't mind that at all.

To everyone that has sent me a Christmas card, my heartfelt thanks!  In a country where Christmas isn't celebrated, far from one's family and friends, it is always great to get one!

A Cheat's Easiest FESTIVE Choc-Chip Cookies, Ever!

Ingredients & Method:

Follow this recipe exactly like before.  This time I substituted chocolate cake mix for French Vanilla.  I also substituted the choc-chips with M&M's.  One cup should be enough. 

And speaking of Christmas cards, you don't need to send me one but I would LOVE some comments on my posts!  I  really appreciate them.


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