Welcome to my kitchen

After running out of suitable excuses (I don't have a proper oven!  It is too hot to use my galley kitchen in summer), the time as finally arrived to give in to the demands of my friends and satisfy my own urge for writing and documenting my life in Taiwan.

"Kitchenboy," said my friend Pukwai, "Why don't you write a cookbook?"  "Hey, you should open a restaurant!" said another, after tasting my bobotie. Mmm...not so sure about that.  On that occasion the bobotie took about 2 hours to make, because the only kitchen gadget he had, was a small Winnie the Pooh toaster oven, just large enough to accommodate 2 slices of bread.

To be honest, I was quite proud of myself, considering that the toaster oven used the same heating elements as a cheap 2 bar heater!  But I am by no means a trained cook, more like a kitchen boy who likes to try things out for himself. Trying to make do with the ingredients found here, as well as the limited kitchen gear.

Back to the excuses.  I went out and bought what is commonly referred to (by the expat community)  as a "Costco" oven.  It is not the standard size oven that you would expect in a western kitchen, but it comes equipped with separate controls for the top and bottom heating elements, a rotisserie and it is also "fan assisted."

The temperature, and more importantly, the humidity has also come down a notch or two...

Who knows, I might even bake something this weekend...


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