The Kitchenboy Cookalong Club: May 2011 Challenge

First of all, a BIG word of thanks to all of you on Kitchenboy's Facebook page that have joined us in making the Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake.  I'm sure that you'll all agree that it was a huge success (and a very delicious cake, although unusual).  What makes me even happier are all those photos that I have received of your cakes and all the wonderful comments.  It really makes me feel that we have a nice little "cookalong club" going here.

For the Cookalong Challenge this month, I have decided to post the challenge on the blog too.  The more the merrier I think!  I have also challenged three "celebrity friends" to take part: Marion Erskine (the first male author of chic lit in Afrikaans), Francoise Steynberg, (Senior Reporter for Republikein in Namibia and correspondent for Buite Burger in South Africa) and Anton J. Jansen (A composer, writer and well known blogger at Die Burger.)  I am happy to report that so far Marion has accepted the challenge and he posted this on his Facebook page:

I have received many messages and emails asking about the challenge for May.  I've put a few ideas forward, you voted for your favourites on Facebook and so our challenge for May 2011 is.......*drum roll please*.......

Photo from here

Yes, we are making Butter Chicken!  I have posted a recipe here for those of you looking for a nice and easy one (or just use your own!)  My friend, Ishay Govender says about butter chicken, "@Kitchen_boy the essentials are the chilli/masala, tomato, cream or yoghurt, ginger and garlic and cardamom", so feel to alter it to taste and make substitutions, where needed.

The deadline for all our non-blogging Facebook friends to submit their photos will be on Sunday, 29 May 2011.  If any fellow food bloggers want to take part and blog about it, it would be super if you could link back to this post!

Have fun!


  1. That sounds good, butter chicken for sure taste delicious!

  2. Yes, butter chicken is one of my favourites when I get the opportunity to go to an Indian restaurant. But it is so easy to make, I don't know why I've never tried to make it before.

    Are you up for the challenge?


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