About me

I was born in South Africa and moved to the beautiful island of Taiwan in 2003.

As a person who loves cooking and eating, I was hugely frustrated when confronted with the standard Taiwanese kitchen.  It basically is a small, narrow corridor with a sink, a two ring gas stove, usually not even enough space for a fridge and certainly no western-sized oven.

I started writing this blog to get me back into my kitchen and cooking.  Here it is very easy (and cheap) to just buy food off the street every day but I felt that I was losing the skills I had.  Hopefully by posting here, I can hone my skills and also inspire other South African expatriates to cook some great tasting food within the limits of a small Taiwanese kitchen.

Personal stuff
Why "Kitchenboy"?
I decided to use Kitchenboy because I am not a chef.  I learned what I know from my mother and from watching other people cook.  The late artist, writer and lover of food, Braam Kruger, also went by the nom de plume of "The Kitchen Boy".  I always enjoyed his style of writing and attitude to life and can only aspire to be as entertaining as he was.
When I was born
4 September
Where I was born
Somerset West, South Africa
Paarl Boys' High & Stellenbosch University
When not in the kitchen...
...I am a teacher at a private elementary school in northern Taiwan.  I also like to read.  I love to travel, but unfortunately I don't get enough time to travel as often as I'd like to.

Favourite stuff
I never say no to a Bloody Mary.
Anything with cheese...mmmm...CHEESE!  Locally 小籠饅頭 or Xiaolongbao is my favourite.  A favourite from the night market is 鹽酥雞 or Yán sū jī (salty crispy chicken).  It's like the original version of "popcorn chicken" but with a lot more kick and served with fried basil.
Celebrity Chef
It has to be Nigella Lawson because, let's face it, nobody licks a spoon like she can!
I simply adore the Number 1 Ladies Detective books by Alexander McCall Smith.  I'm also a fan of Stephen King, JK Rowling, Clive Cussler and Deon Meyer, in no particular order.
Yzerfontein and Stellenbosch in South Africa, Melaka in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Tainan in Taiwan.
Bar Bar Black Sheep Restaurant in Riebeek-KasteelSouth Africa.  The place reminds me of my favourite restaurant from my student days, Rockspider's Opera in Green Point.  BBBS has great "slow" food, great wines from the Swartland Region and a fantastic ambiance.

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