The Kitchenboy Cook-along Club: November 2011 Challenge - Fried Dumplings

After an absence of four months, I decided to bring back the Kitchenboy Cook-along Club Challenge in November. I wanted to make something that is traditional from the country I live in, Taiwan.

As per usual, I asked people to vote for the dish they wanted to try out on the Kitchenboy in Taiwan Facebook page. The choices were between Kung Pao Chicken, Fried Dumplings, Sticky Cantonese Pork Ribs and Fried Rice. As Fried Dumplings won the vote by a large margin, that was what we were going to do.

As per usual, my friend Chantelle made an event of it and sent me this photo of her delicious looking Fried Dumplings and Chocolate Vodka!

The recipe makes about 20 dumplings but a friend and I made 200 of them! That is a whole lot of chopping and folding but it was good fun. This is what mine looked like:

I hope you will join in the fun next time!


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